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We are dedicated to finding you reliable and trusted trading services. Whether you’re looking for a broker or you want to learn to trade with a comprehensive trading education, we offer a completely impartial and independent review of our trading service providers. Our providers cover a range of markets, including Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto, making CEX the best place to source the right provider for you. Our vetting process separates the wheat from the chaff so you can be sure you’re receiving quality products allowing you to devote your time where it matters.

Live Market Briefings

Join our Educators, Traders, Annalists & Brokers throughout the week for live webinars from those in the know

Daily City Analytics

Join our Educators, Traders, Annalists & Brokers throughout the week for live webinars from those in the know

The News That Matters

Join our Educators, Traders, Annalists & Brokers throughout the week for live webinars from those in the know


Our European Briefing offers your traders a swift and detailed overview of market conditions as European trading gets underway. Covering the major Forex pairs, indices and commodities, forming an integral part of any trader’s day. This is where our house traders and analysts go over their morning trade scanning processes as volume appears in the markets.


A review market positioning ahead of US Open, specifically targeting the Americas currencies, commodities and indices. This briefing is specifically designed to deliver an overview of the current market environment alongside a revised understanding of market movements and the impact of past and future economic events on market conditions.


An in-depth look at all the markets as we move towards the Asia-Pacific open offering a unique and detailed look ahead to the following day’s major events. The Economics & Asia Briefing provides traders with a objective, unbiased and fair overview of current market conditions alongside a grasp of how fundamental data is likely to influence their next trading.

Market RISK & SENTIMENT Profiling

Designed to make our clients aware of current market conditions, risk exposure and key market moving events. Our Risk & Sentiment Calendar’s & Instrument Risk Profiles, are a weekly pictorial representation of the most influential financial announcements potential effect, in terms of both risk and market sentiment, on seven core currencies (United States Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar).


Based on available forecast data and combined with technical, risk and fundamental analysis our profiling is desighned to provide a visual representation of the most likely impact of a release or set of releases on a currencies direction alongside an early warning system for market shocks and in market risk. This may assist in preparing attention to particular currency pairs to support any technical analysis probabilities that may be apparent.


Primarily for intraday traders and produced by our expert analysts, Published just before the London Open every trading day and are specifically focused on the highest volume markets. Our levels give you an advance  outline of key market parameters, whilst also giving you an overview of wider capital flows, market behaviour and the economic environment


Delivered every Sunday and covering all primary traded markets. Our weekly levels are a highly accurate guide to market sentiment, positioning and likely direction over the coming week. Designed to work in conjunction with  Daily Levels, House analysts provide  an overview of market conditions and  possible future market influences  alongside key long-term levels.



Covering all primary markets and designed to create active content  engagement with swing and position  trading clients, The House of  Trading’s weekly market overview  offers clients an in-depth view of  medium to long-term market  sentiment, market positioning and  probable market biases that are  likely to underpin market behaviour  over the coming week