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Access to our City Wire Service

Our Wire Service brings traders the latest in market news, technical and fundamental analysis. Traders are kept in the know through our live blog where our in-house experts cover economic and political news releases as they happen. Giving traders everything they need to stay ahead.

In addition to our live news feed, the Wire Service provides daily, weekly and monthly analysis, presented by world-class specialists who are trained following the same process as central banks. Our experts provide a detailed perspective on fundamental and technical data as well as medium and long-term analysis to ensure traders have everything they need, when they need it.

Live Market Briefings

Live three times a day. Our Analysts, Economists & Traders for up to the minute live insight into market conditions ahead of key Market Opens. 

City Analytics

Covering everything you need to know and providing traders with fundamental and technical analysis from central banks, institutions and academia. 

The News That Matters

Stay updated on the latest news events as they happen keeping traders in the know with coverage on political, economic & market moving events. 


Our European Briefing offers traders a swift and detailed overview of market conditions as European trading gets underway. Covering the major Forex pairs, indices and commodities, our briefings form an integral part of any trader’s day. Join our house traders and analysts as they look over their morning trade as volume appears in the markets.


Specifically targeting the Americas currencies, commodities and indices, this briefing is designed to deliver an overview of the current market environment and market positioning ahead of US Open. Our experts provide a detailed perspective of market movements and the impact of past and future economic events on market conditions. 


The Economics & Asia Briefing provides traders with an objective, unbiased and fair overview of current market conditions. Alongside how fundamental data is likely to influence their next trade. It is an in-depth look at all the markets as we move towards the Asia-Pacific Open, offering a unique and detailed look ahead to the following day’s major events.


Market RISK & SENTIMENT Profiling

Our Risk & Sentiment Calendars and Instrument Risk Profiles are designed to inform our clients of current market conditions, risk exposure and key market-moving events. They are a weekly visual representation of influential financial announcements and their potential effect in terms of both risk and market sentiment on eight core currencies – United States Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and Swiss Franc.

Our Risk profiles act as an early warning system for market risk and its impact on a currency pair. In-house expert analysts combine technical viewpoints, market risk and fundamental data designed to focus a trader’s attention on the most viable markets.


Primarily for intraday traders, daily levels are produced by our expert analysts and are published just before the London Open every trading day. They are specifically focused on the highest volume markets. Our levels offer an advanced outline of key market parameters, whilst also providing an overview of wider capital flows, market behaviour and the economic environment.


Delivered every Sunday and covering all primary traded markets. Our weekly levels are a highly accurate guide to market sentiment, positioning and likely direction over the coming week. Designed to work in conjunction with our daily levels, house analysts provide an overview of market conditions and possible future market influences alongside key long-term levels.


Our Market Overviews offer traders an in-depth view of medium to long-term market sentiment, market positioning and probable market moves. Covering all primary currencies, our expert in-house analysts summarise political and economic events as well as technical conditions, that are likely to underpin market behaviour over the coming weeks.