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Developed by traders and analysts, The City Brief model will teach you to lead your own trading strategies and find the style that suits you. Come join us. Never miss a trading opportunity. Stand out from the crowd.

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The future of: forex news

Our head of trading always says; “I just want to know if its going to go up or down”. We know that that’s what you need to be a successful trader. That’s why we cut the noise and concentrate on what matters to your profitability, our squawk and news means you will know the impact of news, data and political events on your trading instantly. Allowing you to lower your risk and increase your profitability on every trade.


UK CPI has just been published! But why does that matter to your trade? Context is King. That’s why our news and squawk service tell you what the impact will be on the markets you trade. The days of here’s the headline lets guess how it impacts me are over.

The Future of: Live Content

We know traders are busy. We know that every second you are not trading is time you’re not making money. That is why we keep it simple. Hear what the experts think, ask the questions that matter to you and action their knowledge in your trading.


Join our daily live market briefing and get prepared for tomorrow, join our weekly risk podcast, and ask questions of how politics, news and data can impact your trading over the next week and listen in to our weekly levels debate to find out why and how key levels may impact your trading over the coming week.

The future of: Trade Ideas

Sick of using unreliable signal services? If you are serious about forex, you need more than just signals. We all know, no trade idea works for every trader. That’s why at the city brief we show you where the market is moving before it moves, but it is your choice how, if or when you use that knowledge.


Never miss a trading opportunity. Get the latest set ups and key market moves throughout the day, with our chart of the hour and trading conditions posts. Good traders just want the best information possible so they can find the best trades. That’s why our chart of the hour posts were 87.3% accurate in 2020.

The Future of: Analysis

Good traders know the markets they trade inside and out. Weather you’re a scalper, intraday, swing or even a position trader knowing how your chosen market moves, the hidden obstacles, where a trend may stop and how far a trade can go is not only necessary but invaluable.


Know your markets with concise daily, weekly and long-term market analysis that will give you the full picture of the markets you trade. Get the edge, Get the latest actionable data  and Get the knowledge you need to be more profitable.