Live Squawk, Forex News & Analysis 

Our business is to bring you real-time market moving news, technical analysis and economic data, all combined with live updates on market conditions and key market moves. Our live blog allows you to see how our in-house experts interpret and harness the data that matters to you.


The live squawk covers economic news and political events as they happen together with key daily, weekly, and monthly levels with actionable analysis. We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd and trade with confidence.

Real-Time Forex Squawk

Our market squawk delivers complete and in-depth analysis of market risk, political events, and economic news so that you are never caught off guard. Get access to the market moving news that impacts your trading and take advantage of a targeted news squawk specifically designed to bring you only the most relevant and impactful information.


Your subscription gives you unique access to real-time market risk, market sentiment and market moves over the pairs you trade, all delivered in a simple, actionable format. With real-time live squawk you can significantly improve your risk management and limit your trading exposure. 

Live Market Briefings

With a comprehensive look at the markets, you will want to make our briefings part of your daily routine. Watch our London Briefing at 07:30 GMT, Americas Briefing at 13:00 GMT and a final round up Briefing at the end of the trading day.


As a subscriber, you can take part in all of our live Briefings and gain valuable insight on setting up trades, market positioning, and key market levels. No matter when you trade, you can be up to speed in minutes and gain a real-time understanding of market conditions, volatility, and risk.

Live Forex Analysis:

Events outside your control impacting your trading? Have you ever had a trade go against you and not understood why? Our analysts monitor and interpret all the news and events that matter to you and how they will impact markets, underlying sentiment, and volumes together with the length of time any impact may last. 


If you trade the USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD or CHF, through to Commodities and Indices, then you are in good company with the analysts, traders and economists that make up the team at The City Brief.

Key Market levels

Are you a scalper, intraday, swing or even a position trader?  Our market analytics are designed to benefit all traders. You will have access to unbiased bank analysis with the latest data presented by our in-house analysts in an accessible and actionable format that is easily understandable by even the newest of traders.


The City Brief’s analytics section provides you the full picture of each of the markets you trade including key levels, decision points, probabilities, and risk factors over the short, medium, and long term.