markets setting-up

Struggling to find the right market at the right time? The City Brief can fix that. Know where, how big and how viable opportunities are at the click of a button.

Markets are moving

Missed the move or can’t figure out where its likely to stop? The City Brief Chart of the Hour posts give you the latest actionable analysis of the markets you trade.

hidden obstacles

Keep getting stopped out? Trades not going your way? Track the key levels, hidden obstacles and market vulnerabilities  that impact your trades.

Risk Doesn’t Need to be complicated

Minimise your losses. Most market spikes, volatility and stop outs are predictable. Markets don’t just change course for no reason. The City Brief is here to make sure you know what is coming before it arrives.


Market spikes come in many forms; Central Bank Speeches, Politics and Global News can flip a market in minutes. Whilst market factors like Options Expiries can create volatility that stops you out. We give you simple actionable insight on the where, what and when so you can trade with confidence.

Get The edge: Trade Ideas

We don’t do one size fits all. It doesn’t work. With ‘The City Brief’s’ live updates, you can stay ahead of the crowd. Take advantage of our bespoke probabilities and technical analysis to pinpoint the latest trading opportunities in a way that works for your trading style.


Stop using poor quality signals. Stay ahead of the markets, improve your profitability, and lower your risk. Get the latest set-ups and know the key levels the market is likely to respect.