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Market Risk & News That Matters

A complete and in-depth analysis of market risk and news events. Our expert team of technical analysts and economists provide you with a visual representation of market risk, market sentiment and market moves over ten major currency pairs. Giving traders everything they need in a simple format.

Traders can stay up-to-date with the latest economic events through our live news feed. Bringing traders the news that matters as it happens, covering technical and fundamental data as well as economic and political releases, ensuring traders have everything they need to be successful.

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News That Matters

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and events as they happen, keeping traders in the know with coverage on political, economic & market moving events. 

Live Risk Updates

Our news feed is here to keep traders up to date as events happen live, guaranteeing that traders can mitigate risk as quickly and effectively as possible.

Risk Forecasting

Providing traders with a visual representation of imminent impact and longer-term risk and how this may influence their trading over the coming week. 

Risk & Sentiment Calendars

Our patented in-house Risk and Sentiment calendars give our traders a visual representation of how fundamental releases will affect the week ahead and show how impactful a news release will be on any given week in relation to any given currency. The Risk and Sentiment calendars are a snapshot of the weeks major economic data distilled down, so they can be read at a glance taking away the need for traders to monitor news and events in every market.


The Risk and Sentiment calendars give traders the ability to check their risk exposure. Our in-house economists lay out the importance, impact and influence of every release giving traders a visual guide to the news that matters. Whether it’s knowing the major events of the week or how events are likely to impact your trading, our team gives traders the knowledge they need.  

Instrument Risk Profiling

Our Risk Portfolios are a step further than our Risk and Sentiment calendars. They move away from the economic data and concentrate on when risk is likely to be in the market and how much risk there will be.

Our in-house team of analysts and economists take the data from our Risk and Sentiment calendars and combine it with our patented news and events risk profiling system. This encourages traders to manage their trades effectively by accounting for risk in the market, all by viewing a single image.
The Risk Portfolios are designed to highlight imminent impact and longer-term risk as well as fundamental data from both currencies making up the pair. Traders can use this information to plan their trades effectively, ensuring news and events are less likely to stop them out. 

Live Feed – Analysis & News

Market moving news and events happen every day. Our industry leading team of analysts, economists and traders interpret all the news and events that matter ensuring traders understand the release and how it will impact markets, underlying sentiment, and the length of time any impact may last.

Covering everything from political and economic to technical and fundamental factors, our industry and institutional sources include central bankers, journalists, politicians and hedge fund managers. With unfettered access at the highest levels, our expert team is here to put traders in the know.

Not only do we bring traders the news that matters, but we also provide live updates throughout the day. Our analysts keep track of all the major markets ensuring traders stay up to date with all key moves. We are here to keep traders up to date as events happen live, guaranteeing that traders can mitigate risk as quickly and effectively as possible.