Market Briefings
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Everything You Need To Know – Three Times a Day

Our briefings are an integral part of our traders’ day making our briefings as inherent as watching the morning news. Giving both new and experienced traders invaluable information on setting up trades, market positioning and which markets may return income. New traders can gain a deeper understanding about the markets, volatility and risk.

Designed to give traders the ability to hone their concentration solely on the markets that are in play. Traders can take advantage of our full-scale analytics and economics department harnessing our knowledge and institutional infrastructure, ensuring our traders are up to speed with all the factors that can affect a trader’s profitability.

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With the Asia session closing and the London session about to begin, join our expert analysts live – 07:30 to 08:00 GMT.


With the London session fully established and market volume about to peak, join our experts live – 13:00 to 13:30 GMT. 

Economics & Asia

With the Americas session in full flow, join our Head Trader as we prepare for the upcoming Asia session – 17:30 to 18:15 GMT.

Live Market Briefings

With ten major currencies, five indices and two primary commodities spread over nine economies, the market is an enormous place. No trader has the time or the resources to stay fully informed. Whether you are a full-time institutional trader or a part-time trader the City Brief is here to fill that gap. At the City Brief, we are here to ensure our traders get the insights they need before they need them.


Our briefings are designed to put you in the know ahead of key Market Opens: London, Americas and Asia and cover 85% of the Forex market. They offer our team’s highly skilled insight into market conditions, market risk and fundamental news releases. Giving traders everything they need, just before they need to know it. 

Fundamentals & Technicals

Our briefings look at the markets from both a fundamental and technical perspective. We cover all economic releases for the session and which releases will have the most impact on the market during that period. Our Risk and Sentiment calendars illustrate key fundamental releases for the current trading week as well as positive or negative sentiment for that currency. All daily and weekly levels can be seen across all instruments as well as long-term monthly overview levels.

Expert Live Analysis

Technical Analysis is covered entirely on live charts. We cover all G8 Currency Baskets, G10 Currency Pairs, 4 Indices and 2 commodities. We also look at momentum and volume within the market with the Squeeze, MacD and Weis Wave Volume Indicators alongside 4 Exponential Moving Averages. At the end of each briefing we hold a Q&A session to answer any and all questions, on any markets we have not covered so you are completely prepared and in the know for the session ahead.