Market Analytics
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Market Analytics

Our market analytics are designed to be beneficial for all traders whether they are scalpers, intraday, or position traders. We provide the news and data traders need alongside key market decision points and risk factors. A truly one-stop-shop that provides traders with the tools to accurately define market conditions.

We offer completely unbiased bank analysis. All of our data is up to date and from reputable sources such as university economists, long-term analysis from institutions and central bank research. All presented by our in-house analysts in an easily accessible format that doesn’t compromise on detail giving traders the knowledge they need in a way that works.

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Daily Levels

Our levels offer an advanced outline of key market parameters, whilst also providing an overview of wider capital flows, market behaviour and the economic environment.

Weekly Levels

Accurate to over 94%. Our weekly levels act as a guide to market sentiment, positioning and likely direction over the coming week giving traders the key levels they need. 

Market Overviews

Giving traders an in-depth understanding of wider technical and fundamental conditions, with all the information that a trader needs in an easy-to-digest summary.

Key Daily & Weekly Market Levels

Designed by our head of analytics, Professor Thakar, our levels are accurate to over 94%. Our analysts are trained following specific guidelines to work out decision point areas in the market using the same methodology as central banks and major institutions.

Our weekly levels use fundamental and technical analysis to show where price has been and its statistical trajectory. We look at the key economic releases that will affect a currency pair and cover four key areas of institutional support and resistance allowing our traders to define market parameters for the week ahead whilst assessing underlying market risk.

Market Overviews – Institutional Insight

Giving traders an in depth understanding of wider market conditions, our Market Overviews contain all the information that a trader needs in an easy-to-digest summary. Top down analysis is an essential part of trading which can give traders a greater understanding of wider conditions and how they can impact their trades – because it isn’t only technicals that move the markets.


Because our Long-term Market Overviews are designed to give traders an insight into a currency’s economic positioning, our analysts assess how changes in the economic environment can affect the currency in question. Focusing on areas of increased risk in regard to political and economic events, our Market Overviews ensure traders have the framework to spot key risk factors as well as where a market may be moving over the medium to long-term.