Designed by our Head of Analytics, Professor Thakar, City Brief levels are accurate to over 94%.  Our analysts are trained following specific guidelines to work out decision point areas in the market using the same methodology as central banks and major institutions.


As a trader, you will not only benefit from the accuracy of our daily levels but also our weekly levels, as they use fundamental and technical analysis to show where price has been and its statistical trajectory.  We look at key economic releases that will affect a currency pair and cover four key areas of institutional support and resistance, allowing you to define market parameters for the week ahead whilst assessing underlying market risk.


Have you always wanted to gain a greater understanding of wider market conditions and how they impact your trading?  The City Brief Market Overviews are designed to give you an insight into a currency’s economic positioning, from a technical perspective, because we realise it isn’t only the technicals that move the market.


In preparing our Long-Term Market Overviews, our analysts assess how changes in the economic environment can affect the currency in question.  We ensure our Market Overviews have the framework to spot key risk factors as well as where a given market may be moving over the medium to long-term.