The Future of: Analysis

Stop using automated levels that don’t reflect your trading style. What is the point of Support and resistance if it doesn’t work for your trading? That’s why at The City Brief we take a different approach. Our levels frame your markets and give you the inside track.


Our Chief Analyst always says “frame a market and you will always know your entries, your stops and your targets”. At the city brief we give you key daily, weekly and long-term levels that combine to give you the inside track on the markets you trade, no matter the time frame. Giving you an edge you can’t get anywhere else.

The foresight to control your risk

What makes a trend happen? Why is the GBP up when the EUR is down? What makes the USD trend for weeks while the JPY consolidates? Markets have themes, they focus on the big risks and big opportunities that drive economies.


Knowing what the themes are and how they impact your trading lets you know your risk and find your opportunities. Get ahead of the market with our weekly Market Risk Podcast and our weekly risk factors updates. Turn the markets themes into trading opportunities and lower risk.

Know your market, Know your trade

How many times have you seen price blow through your key levels? How many times have you seen price reverse mid move? There is more to Support and Resistance than just previous price action. That’s why at The City Brief we account for upcoming Economic data, volume flow and hidden obstacles.


Sounds complicated? That’s why we give you the inside track. We want you to know what we know. Watch our analysts and traders discuss their thinking on the pairs you trade and harness our key levels and risk factors with a single click.