The future of: Trading News

Whether you realise it, or not, all traders trade the impact of news. It’s what makes the markets move. News Drives the markets you trade and the profits you make, that’s why me wake news simple.


Let’s be honest, as a trader you don’t always care what the news is, you care how it impacts your markets.  News should be an indicator, giving you a trading edge. That’s why we don’t just give you headlines we give you; the markets impacted and likely sentiment for every piece of market moving news. So you can account for risks and make the most out of changes to market conditions.

Know your risk before it happens

Ever been stopped out on a market spike? Ever had a trade suddenly turn against you? All traders are impacted by fundamental factors, you trade them weather you like it or not so why not turn them to your advantage. After all most volatility is predictable.


What’s the point of knowing what stopped you out after the fact. That’s why The City Brief gives you early warning of events that could stop you out. Get ahead of the crowed with; live updates on the speeches, economic data, politics and global happenings that can cut your profitability.


What’s the point of a headline, if you don’t have time to know what it means to your trading, The City Brief gives you a quick summary of markets and sentiment for every piece of news.


Sick of squawks that report every tiny piece of news? Struggle to know what matters and what’s just noise? We report the news that impacts your trades and nothing else.

The what and the why

Context is king, just because news impacts the EURUSD doesn’t mean it will impact your GBPUSD trade. That’s why we tell you what has happened and why it impacts your markets.